Fall-Winter: The Good Time to Wear Boots

If you are climbing up your fall-winter boot collection, you must be undecided on what to pick. Fall-winter fashion boots for men come in handy options. There are those that match well with fall-winter suits, wool trousers, and jeans.

What Type of Boots to have?

There are three types of these kinds of fashion boots: Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, and Dress boots.

1. Chelsea Boots

These boots are ankle-high and close-fitting. You can identify them from a fabric on the back of the boot for easy take-off. Chelsea boots do not have laces thus making it easy to put on.

fashion boots

How to wear Chelsea Boots:  Best wearing match: perfect with black or brown leather. Chelsea boots are uncommonly worn with suits nowadays. For professionals working in an office setting, you should consider having a pair of Chelsea fashion shoes.

fashion boots

2. Dress boots

This kind of boots is commonly referred to as Dress Work Boots because its design inspiration is from former work boots. Its formal setting is used for an office environment and not manual labor. You can wear them with a pair of wool trousers or suit.

fashion boots

Unlike Chelsea boots, suit wearers have a choice to make. Dress boots are fashion shoes coming with a design that they cover the ankle, just like dress shoes. Manual laborers have the advantage to take since dress boots can be worn during manual labor. They are usually leather sole.

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How to wear Dress Work Boots: Dress boots look great when worn correctly with jeans, trousers, and chinos. There are a variety of colors to pick but, the dark-brown one is an utmost best choice for most men. Black dress boots go with white, grey and black outfits. Dress boots are pretty cool and I think you should use them to create a classy vibe.

3. Chukka Boots

Basically ankle high fashion shoes with crepe soles, leather uppers, and open lacing.

fashion boots

How to wear Chukka Boots: Chukkas look great with chinos and jeans regardless of whether you choose leather or suede. More appropriate to office setting than Dress Boots. It’s a great choice for anyone – from business to school.


After previewing the kinds of men’s boots in the collection, here is a list of the requirements that best suit fall-winter: It should have a slim profile, plain cap-toe, rubber sole to give good grip of the weather and finally black or brown leather. For more men fashion boots, please check here.


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