Etiquettes that You must Know about Wearing Ties

According to the survey, it is the said that the most moving and alluring movement of men is the moments of unlashing ties for women. I think that every woman must have such an experience that you have moved by his one motion without intentions. No matter what, this movement can make people feel strong temperament of men’s charm. There is no doubt that it has become the most alluring and charming top choice of men’s temptations.

solid color neckties  solid color necktiessolid color neckties

Let’s see these ties with different pattern together! Generally speaking, solid color neckties, diagonal stripes pattern, polka dots pattern and geometric drawing and other kind of ties can be matched with different kind of suits and shirts. However, what you should pay attentions to is that paramecium printed pattern is only suitable for you to wear in casual times. In the working times, you’d better not to use these ties or you will not show a noble and elegant temperament.

In the following, these are three main types of ties. The main difference between them lies in the width of ties. The common one that we use is about 8-9 centimeters, the widest one can be 12 centimeters, the narrowest one can be 5-7 centimeters. You can choose them according to your favorite and your specific need.

mens fashion clothing mens fashion clothing

Of course, according to different season, ties that you wear should be different. In hot summer, you’d better choose these light ties with silk fabric materials. The tie knot should be small in order to give people a fresh feeling. In the fall and winter time, you’d better choose ties with warm tones, such as wine red, coffee and other color which can give you a warm feeling on visual effect. On the contrast, you’d better choose ties with cold colors in spring and summer time.

Another important point that you can’t ignore is that you should choose the suitable shirts and suits for yourself that not only suitable for your temperament, but also show you fashion and delicate looking. You can have more detailed information from mens fashion clothing.

solid color neckties


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