Essential Lists in Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Summer is coming now, and I wonder do you have all summer clothes stand by in your wardrobe this time? Just look at the essential lists in this spring and summer that I have prepared for you and keep it accord with your practical situation.

1. Chino Pants

Smooth and soft material can certainly show you the especially comfortable wearing, keeping you fresh and cool for a whole day. In both spring and summer, it is certain that this kind of all-matched mens pants wearing have made the daily issues of dressing-up become much easier to be solved.

men chino pants

2. Men’s Shorts

For those men who can’t bear hot weather in summer, you don’t need to wear pants any more. Different kinds of men’s shorts making you show variety of stylish looks are suitable for you to wear in order to attending different occasions.

mens shorts

3. Denim Jeans

As a kind of classical casual style essential originally, it is certain that denim jeans can make you show chic casual looks and positive youth impressions. Don’t just match it only with simple t-shirts. Mix style of semi-formal dressing-up can make you look even younger.

men denim jeans

4. Round Neck T-shirts

Same as casual denim jeans, simple mens outdoor t-shirt in solid colors is undoubtedly your essential. I suggest that simple style dressing-up can also be fashionable like that in some cases.

round neck t-shirts

5. Floral Printed Shirts

Compared with those in solid color, floral printed shirts look even dazzling and fashionable. In addition to the casual style, more pleasing temperament can be shown such as gentle, elegant and delicate playboy looks. Undoubtedly, something unique and charming is attracting you.

floral printed casual shirts

6. Striped Shirts

For those who want to show simple style without plain wearing, classical navy style striped shirts are certainly your first choice. Wearing striped shirts can certainly make you look fresh and cool.

striped shirts

7. Denim Shirts

With the same material as denim jeans, denim shirts show much younger and more energetic looks for you. A whole set of denim wearing in gradually changing colors is really chic to have a try.

denim shirts

8. Bomber jackets

Fashion coats can not only keep you warm in cool times, but also make the cool impression looked even easier to achieve. That is bomber jackets for men in spring!

bomber jackets

9. Floral Printed Dress Shirts

With the same prints as floral printed casual t-shirts, they have added somewhat formal looks. Matching with chino pants and shorts, they can certainly show you the decent looks.

floral print dress shirts

10. Polo Shirts

As a kind of unique casual wearing that is different other kinds of casual tops, polo shirts are suitable for you to wear in working days and leisure times. The main point is that you should choose the right pants and shoes according to different needs of occasions.

polo shirts


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