Electric Jacket: Everything you need to know

Electric jackets are jackets which exhibit properties similar to those possessed by electric blankets. They are most commonly used by motorcycle riders when temperatures are low. They usually obtain power for their heating processes through a cord which can be plugged into the motorcycle’s electric system. An additional socket is installed on the vehicle for that purpose, or if the vehicle has a mobile charger/cigarette lighter receptacle available, then the cord is directly plugged into that socket.
Other electric jackets with self-contained power sources are in existence, and are useful for more portable situations where the vehicle’s 12 volt supply is not available.

Electric jacket

What are the uses of electric Jacket?
Uses include biking, skiing, hiking, hunting, fishing and spectator sports. The newer versions use lithium rechargeable batteries. The latest versions use lithium polymer batteries which have a high energy density and are relatively lightweight. Rechargeable battery-heated clothing, including electric jackets, is most useful for stop-start cold weather physical exertion activities.

For downhill skiing or winter biking, rechargeable nickel metal or lithium batteries are generally used. If not recharged properly, “battery memory” will shorten the battery’s capability to recharge. There are two types of lithium batteries: Li-ion & Li-Polymer, which use several types of heating technologies including copper wire, nichrome wire, metal “mesh” systems, carbon-embedded fabric, carbon fibers and very thin flexible heating technologies that can be printed onto substrate. This has allowed for extra features to be added such as temperature sensors, Bluetooth integration and the ability to control the temperature from a smartphone.
The most reliable systems have technologies that have redundancy in case of a heating element breakage.
The controller and battery in some models can be detached. Thereby you are free to wear the garment as a regular garment.

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