Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Cargo Trousers

Speaking of cargo trousers, we think of those loosely cut pants made of hard wearing fabrics. Stereotypically, they are baggy and sloppy. Many of you may have the concern about whether they are a fashion abomination. Cargo pants are a little bit hard to pull off compared with other mens pants. However, if you manage that, they can set yourself aside from the crowd. Here are some dos and don’ts when wearing cargo pants to make you look stylish with various casual looks.

men cargo trousers

One of the main reasons why people associate cargo pants with unstylishness is that they have too many pockets. Surely they were designed for military purpose. That’s why they have many pockets to carry items. If you want to look stylish, remove those pockets as many as you can. After all, you are not wearing them for carrying items. If you feel cold when wearing them in winter, you can wear the fleece cargo pants. The thick lining will surely keep you warm.

men cargo trousers

Tailored fitting cargo trousers are much better than those sloppy ones. As I said above, the contemporary version should be slimmer cuts and streamline silhouettes. Roomy trousers will visually shorten your lower body and you might look funny wearing these baggy pants. Of course they shouldn’t be too tight. For me skinny cargo trousers are too much army like.

men cargo trousers

Generally these casual trousers can be sloppy if you don’t choose the right length. Cargo pants that are ankle-length or slightly longer than them are recommended. Of course you can tuck it into the boots or give them some trouser rolls. That will make you look stylish and neat.

men cargo trousersmen cargo trousers

What you wear with cargo pants is very important like shoes. As cargo pants are usually used for casual looks, sneakers are a smart choice. Don’t forget to roll your trousers to avoid looking bulky. If you choose boots, I’d recommend chukka boots or martin boots. I’d prefer not rolling them. but it is fine if want cargo trousersmen cargo trousers


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