Denim Trends That You Should Rock This Season

The winter-fall fashion show is here with us and it is time to dig with a fine-toothed comb on what the latest designs on the streets are. The winter-fall fashion show gives us a glimpse of what is trending or will soon trend and gives us a hint of what to purchase to keep up with the fashionistas. The recently concluded fashion shows have had one thing in common, showcasing different styles for denim for men. Denim has seen an influx in this past shows and here is a glimpse of the trending denim pieces and how to rock them in keeping up with the runway.

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1.The Resurrection Of The Grey Wash Jeans

A popular style in the 90s that is slowly crawling to every man’s wardrobe as most other attire from the 90s are doing. The classic grey wash jeans is a very versatile denim piece that can be dressed down in many combinations to achieve the look that you want at the moment. Pairing it up with black army boots and a well-fitting leather jacket will give you that exquisite biker look.

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2.The Denim Jacket

A timeless piece of attire that has seen all come and go but has maintained its resiliency factor over the year. The denim jacket as with many other denim pieces can be worn with a wide host of pair downs. You can put it atop your office wear by substituting your blazer for it. It will give you the combined look of relaxation as well as a hint of seriousness to it. It can be worn casually with some shorts and brogues at home to bring out the aspect of masculinity.

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3.The Denim Shirt

The denim shirt is a revolutionary piece of wholesale men clothing that has a lot of ways of rocking it. You can pair it up with some khakis and tuck it in with some nice sneakers to complete this superb look. Also, it can go down well unbuttoned with a nice pair of shorts and some bright t-shirt for a chill holiday season look.

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4.Dawn Of The Slim Fit Jeans

The slim fit jeans made its come back some few years back and has really remained resilient with reincarnations each year. The jeans that can be worn ripped or a faded wash look is so versatile and can be appealing for a top-down denim finish with some nice sneakers and a denim shirt. It can also be paired perfectly with a bright t-shirt and a nice fitting leather jacket.

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These are the various men’s denim trends showcased at most of the waterfall’s runways. You can pick any or all of this pieces to rock the exquisite denim look during this season. For wholesale men clothing, please click here.


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