Classic Hit Come Back Again: Elbow Patch Blazer

Have you ever found that there are seas of men’s suits, coats, sweaters and so on having a stitching part on the position of elbow? Don’t be nervous and afraid. It is not an economic crisis coming back. Instead, there is a patchwork fashion which is raising its popularity and publicity among men. The elbow patch blazer is one of the most outstanding representatives.

Elbow Patch Blazer  Generally speaking, stuffs that are used in repairing clothes are called patch in the past, while stuffs that are used in decorating clothes by fashion designers are called patchwork in modern times. The design of elbow patch originated from countryside gentlemen in England. People who have strong passion for hunting need to fling themselves down in ambush when they are searching for prey from time to time. Therefore, sewing a leather patchwork can prevent clothes to be abrasive. Such a suit with this pattern is called shooting blazer. Until now, elbow patch blazers have developed into classic casual suits, and they have become the hot-sold single cloth for fashion men’s matching!

You maybe don’t find out that why men would love these elbow patch blazers. Reasons for loving these stylish elbow patch blazers can be three main features in the followings. First of all, it can give you a sense of human. Who have said that everyone should wear suits with good ironing and well shape when they go for work? In today with society develops, it is the time for you to give some black humor to your colleagues and it is time for you to have some changes. In the next place, these elbow patch blazers will help you attract more people’s attention. People would have wondered that how you tear up your clothes. You can also make a funny joke and entertain people. People will think that you are kinds of humorous and elegant people. The last but not at the least, the elbow pattern will give you enough and surprisingly experience by using totally different materials, colors, patterns and shapes. They will satisfy your sense for freshness for one time!

Have you moved after seeing these fashion and attractive elbow patch blazers? Don’t miss such a good chance that showing your charm and elegance!


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