Have You Chosen the Right and Suitable Jeans?

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It is certain that people would choose the different clothes according to their figure and temperament. It has the same principle for the choosing of mens pants. In this time, you should ask for yourself that do you choose the right and suitable jeans all the time. If you are not familiar with that, I would like to solve the confusion in your heart.

For people who have a thick leg, narrow and skinny blue jeans are not suitable for you to wear, such as slim-waist jeans and elastic jeans. What are suitable for you to wear are these loose and straight jeans and jeans in dark colors will be best for you.

For people who have a thin leg, there have two situations. For people who are tall, loose and wide jeans will be suitable for you. If you want to show your slim beauty, skinny jeans are undoubtedly your favorite.

mens pantsmens pants

For people who have a perfect and symmetrical figure, you can choose jeans with some specific decorations according to your temperament. If you are insisting on choosing the simplest jeans, water washing material will be your best choice.

For people who have O-shape legs, you should wear pants that have gradually narrow pattern, just like these harem pants to cover the disadvantages of your legs. As for colors, you’d better choose light colors.

For people who have a thick waist, you should wear jeans without too much decoration on the waist part, or you will be looked having a thicker waist.

mens jeansmens jeans

For people who have a plump hip, I think that complex back pockets and obvious ornaments don’t seem to be a wise design for you. A simple and single one will be ok which can transfer people’s attentions. Bell-bottom pants will be a good option that you can consider.

For people who want to show a turn-up hip, I think that low-waist pattern jeans will be your amazing and wise choice!

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