How To Choose A Backpack For A Backpacker?

Backpacking is an adventurous and somewhat inexpensive way to travel the world and enjoy all there is to see. It is an enthralling experience which involves wilderness adventure, mountain expedition and other forms of site seeing. For a backpacker to make the most out of their experience, it is imperative to select a suitable and convenient backpack. Choosing the right backpack can be quite a hassle for both newbie and seasoned hikers. Here are a few tips that will find helpful in making this process a breeze.

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Before you set out on your adventure, make a list of what essentials you will require for your trip and how long you plan to stay there. This will help in choosing the right size of the backpack. For an overnight trip of about one to two nights, a 35L (or less) backpack will do. It has room for your sleeping setup, food, and a few snacks. For a week-long trip, consider the larger bag of about 50-75L. Here you can store your activity gear, food, water purifiers, cooking stove, sleeping setup and other necessities.

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Hip belt and Shoulder Padding

Since you will support most of your backpack’s weight around your hips, you will want to choose one that makes this process comfortable. A good pack should have extra padding around the hip belt and the shoulder straps. This will reduce the pressure exerted around those areas, and you will not have to worry about fatigue. Heavier loads require more padding than lighter loads; this might be a little costly, but it will be worth your while. The hip belt will increase stability, and keep the bag from shifting around your hips as you walk. Also, look for a backpack whose hip belt has extra access pockets, where you can store a few snacks or even a camera, for easier access.

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Multiple Compartments

If you’re going on a week-long expedition, with your family especially, you might want to consider a backpack with more than one access points. This can be extra pockets on the front, back or side of your pack. This will help you organize everything with ease, and you will not have to unload everything from the backpack just to access a particular item.

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Cheap backpacks are comfortable, convenient and are a great way to get you ready and on the go for a great expedition. For a fun experience, it is essential that you choose a backpack that best covers all your needs. Keep in mind that backpacks with more features will cost you a bit more, but will ultimately give you a bang for your buck.




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