7 Creative Ways David Beckham Has Been Spotted Rocking Beanie Hats

David Beckham is one of the most celebrated footballing icons in the history of the game. However, it is not only in football that Beckham has made his name. In style and fashion, he has simply very few to equal his sense and charisma. David Beckham has been spotted wearing all kinds of cheap hats and has managed to pull them off in style.

cheap hats

Here are ways that he has managed to rock beanie hats.

With A Casual T-shirt

In February 2016 while out shopping for candles, David Beckham spotted wearing a black beanie hat with a plain black casual t-shirt. What made the look more impressive is how he managed to pull it off with light denim jeans, with a jumper around his waist and grey sneakers.

cheap hats

The Gym Look

David Beckham is the kind of guy who always looks his best no matter where he is going. He was once spotted wearing a beige beanie hat on his way to the gym. He managed to couple the hat with a hooded jumper, baggy shorts and some leggings.

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Easy Rider

Once in Los Angeles after lunch, David Beckham was spotted again rocking a beanie hat. This time with a semi-biker look, he simply paired his green beanie hat with a biker jacket, a pair of grey khaki pants and some nice looking brown shoes.

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With Denim

It seems like beanie hats are really a thing for David Beckham as he was once again spotted in an airport rocking a black beanie hat coupled with denim jacket and pants. He then turned up the look a little with a black sweater and grey t-shirt inside the denim jacket.

cheap hats

Laid Back Look

Another time Becks was caught wearing a beanie hat was when he arrived in Tokyo airport in October 2017. Wearing a red beanie hat, coupled with a grey buttoned-up sweater, a white t-shirt and a pair of black sweatpants, you can say that the former footballer really likes to look his best.

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All Black

Sometime back in September 2015 at a New York airport, David Beckham while going to support his wife Victoria, was spotted wearing a beanie hat yet again. This time, he chose to go all black with his look as he donned a black pair of pants with a black sweater-top and finished up his all black wear with a black beanie hat.

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The Casual Look

Donning a black beanie hat and an all casual wear, David Beckham bid farewell to his LA Galaxy team without compromising his fashion sense. Beckham wore a pair of casual looking jeans and an awesome looking green t-shirt to go along with his knitted black beanie.



There’s no doubt that if you are looking to inspirations on how to rock beanie hats, you need to look no further than David Beckham. He has simply managed to own the look and found every chance to rock them creatively. For more clothing to combine with your beanie, please check here.


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