Camouflage Element in Fashion 2018

When winter hits, all we admire is obliviously hideaway with Movie Max or Netflix and buttered popcorn and tell the world bye for now. Sometimes around summer, undeniably we would want to be the center of attention and escalate our livelier presence among our peers. The luck bit is that fashion provides some styling trick that can make us integrate the two worlds: camouflage. Camo military jacket is the “blend-in” we need to cushion us from winter-freeze and summer-heat, yet we appear bold, harness sharp looks and promisingly cool.

Camo Military Jacket

The development of camo element in the fashion circle

The origin of the word camouflage is attributed to the Parisian slang “camoufler”, which means to disguise. The invention of camo is revolutionary to the military. During the WWI, the patterning of camo was used to hide war paraphernalia. From the military field, camo shifted to fashion around 1943 by Vogue magazine, which incorporated it into fashion.

Camo Military Jacket

According to Top Rank, in 1971 another magazine published images of a girl clad in tactical gear. The explosion of camo craze came in the 1980s by hunters and civilians who started to sport with tan, green brown apparel.Given that the military contracted designers to paint the camouflage materials, the trend in fashion camo has continued to improve. Today many camo patterns exist. They include spotted, blotchy, striped, barred among other color combinations. Some camos are made for dessert, woodland as well as city color combinations with fashionable feel such as red, blue sky, savage orange, and purple. Besides, military style-wear exists in sports outfits such as pants, shirts, jackets, swimwear, and headwear.

Camo Military Jacket

Trends of camo element in 2018

Moving away from the 2017 wild and wacky fashion, 2018 will probably shun the classic look to try something else. The fashion is expected to give a try to military-instigated looks. This implies that 2018 makes a comeback of army camo, especially camo military jacket, romper, slouchy khaki green sweater, camo sweatpants, cargo toppers and interestingly, military boots.

Camo Military Jacket

Women’s much-anticipated camo jackets include designers like Pinko’s imbucarex jacket, Moncler’s sodalite military jacket, and Saint laurent’s Suede cropped military jacket. Others may include Zading & Voltaire’s embroidered and Fay’s Applique badge military jackets. Men’s camo outfit will entail Off-White camo patch cargo jacket, Amiri M65 Camo jacket and Ten-C camo print jacket. You might also see the return of Jacob Cohen’s front pocket jacket and Song for the Mute’s while Wacko Maria’s cargo will bring a cool winter feeling.


Camo Military Jacket

Summarily, the 2018 camo outfit is going to try on all likely combat outfit tailored for that army vibe of boldness. For the outgoing and fashion enthusiasts, wait to experience a mix of sports and camo, old fashion and camo, and somehow weirdly, official and camo.



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