Best Street Snaps of David Gandy

David Gandy, who is one of the ten top models, began his model career after he won the competition organized by Richard and Judy. Born in Billericay, Britain, he is a mature man who is 188 centimeters tall. Until now, he has represented for so many fashion brands and took variety of fashion shoots and campaign for them. After the 2007 Spring/Summer Fashion Menswear Show of Dolce & Gabbana, he became particularly popular and favored by designers so much. After that, the shoots of Light Blue Pour Homme’s perfume advertisement make him enter in the rank of world ten top models.

David Gandy David Gandy

All people who have ever seen David Gandy at the first time all regard him as the masterwork of men. What a highly appreciation it is! There are so many people and media use words like perfect, amazing, bravo and so on to describe him. He really deserves that. Perfect face curves and eyes in navy blue surely give you an extraordinary retentive impression.

David GandyDavid Gandy

As for the temperament that David Gandy shows to us, different from the lively and sunshine impressions that young model reveals, his disposition belongs to a kind that is mature and elegant. That is what we called as gentlemen impression. After the precipitation of times, you will gradually find that this kind of unique temperament is especially enchanting and alluring. I believe that you will totally be mesmerized and hypnotized.

David Gandy David Gandy

Here are his latest and best street snaps. This series of photos are taken by outstanding photographer, Tommy Ton. I believe that you who always follow fashion with interests all the time must know this famous name. Undoubtedly, it can really make you full of expectations at once.

David Gandy David Gandy


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