Belts that Suit You to Wear in Different Occasions

For men, to show the decent impression in public occasions is of great significance. Therefore, you should know clearly about what to wear including tie, belts and other tiny accessories according to different occasions. In this article, I would like to give you some suggestions by making examples of men leather belt for you.

Men Leather Belt

Formal Occasions

In the formal occasion, you must choose these belts with good quality and excellent tailoring. When you are going to buy belts, brands and patterns of belts surely need your more attentions. As for the material of belts, it must be delicate enough with gloss. The buckles are mainly these automatic buckles and it will only show you a delicate and decent square on the buckle part. Therefore, automatic buckle belts are certainly your best choice to show the decent men impression.

Men Leather BeltMen Leather BeltMen Leather BeltMen Leather BeltMen Leather BeltMen Leather Belt

These belts play a good and important role as a good decoration in your whole impression. It can surely show you the fashion and delicate impression. What you should pay attentions to particularly is the belts should not be over wide and over large and it should comply with your figure proportion.

Automatic buckle belts Automatic buckle belts Automatic buckle belts

Party Occasions

In party occasions, there are some points about belts that you should pay attention to. First of all, it is colors. Generally speaking, black color is the all-matched one. If you want to show your unique individuality, you should choose belts with the same color tones as your clothes. Buckles and some pin buckles are suitable for gentle and elegant impression. If you want to show the cool, wild and strong impression, pin buckles will be more suitable.

Men Leather Belt  Men Leather Belt

Men Leather Belt Men Leather Belt

Casual Occasions

Among casual wearing, you can wear belts with proper widths instead of the thin one. In addition to that, you should choose belts that accord with different colors of jeans. In the meanwhile, you should consider more about the color matching with upper wearing.

Automatic buckle beltsAutomatic buckle beltsAutomatic buckle belts

Automatic buckle beltsAutomatic buckle beltsAutomatic buckle belts


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