All you should know about Men’s Thong


Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear because only very few people will see it, yet it is worn every day, all day, right next to the skin. As such, comfort is paramount in underwear and while many men prefer one kind of underwear, it makes more sense to choose the style based on the day’s activity.
Thong underwear has come a long way since the style was introduced for the dancers to cover their privates and gradually it became one of the most desired pieces of intimate apparel. Gradually the style was adopted by the men’s underwear industry. Today, Men’s thong underwear style is constantly growing and has become the fastest growing trend. Thongs are characterized by a very thin strap of fabric which runs along the center of the garment and sits between the buttocks.
The best part about wearing thongs is that it lets you show off your skin in an inviting way. The sexy contoured pouch in front not only enhances your bulge but also lets you flaunt your desires. Wearing designer thong underwear can actually tempt your partner and keep things alive in your relationship.

What Makes Men’s Thong a Sexier Underwear Style?

FUNCTIONAL POUCHES: As discussed above, men’s thong feature a contoured pouch opening in the front. The pouch has two major functions, i.e. enhancement and intimacy. So, whenever the idea is for a romantic date. Thongs are the only underwear styles you can opt for in order to heat up the action in your bedroom. When the idea is to tease, tempt and play with your partner, thongs act as a great companion.
Fabric quality : The sheer and mesh fabric offers a visible bulge in the front, giving you a sexier look. Not only in terms of look, but also these fabric types offers comfort down below.
LESS FABRIC: The construction of thongs requires only a small piece of fabric which is situated in the front. This small fabric acts as a contour pouch and covers only the required area in the front while leaving the rest for show. Lesser the fabric, greater is the sex appeal.

Thong Do’s and Don’ts
First off I would like to state I think guys should feel free to wear whatever kind of underwear they want, especially if it makes them feel good and it’s comfortable. If you want to wear a faux snakeskin teardrop g-string that’s your prerogative and all power to you. In the interests of making some recommendations and thinking realistically about more conservative workplaces, I’ll go by some more restrictive criteria for office thong recommendations. Let’s pretend you suddenly dropped your pants in the office in front of everyone, what might be some thong decisions that would draw the least amount of scorn from the more prudish co-workers.

No bunching
Make a statement

Rear string can be uncomfortable
Harder to find

At the end of the day, comfort is relative and so are the materials you like, and you can choose from hundreds of underwear brands on the market.


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