A Sunglasses Make You Handsome

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory for men, not only can be protect your eyes from UV damage , but you can create a handsome and charming image to attract a woman’s attention. Wear suitable sunglasses can actually increase your charm, but do you know the principle of selecting sunglasses?

Men retro sunglasses

First, you have to learn how to choose sunglasses according to your face. If you have a rectangular face, then you should try to choose the larger sunglasses blocking your face. If you have a round face, it looks good and gentle, but also should choose a clear angular or square frame for yourself. The best lenses can cover your eyebrows. If you have a triangular face, you can choose a triangular frame, so it looks cultural and romantic. If the shape of your face close to the oval, then congratulations, you fit any shape frame of men sunglasses.

Men retro sunglasses

As for the sunglasses colors, there are a kind of bright color sunglasses. red lens may look very fashionable. But it’s easy to make your eyes tired, may distort the perception of reality, you can not wear more than two hours per day. Green lenses perfectly protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. But car drivers will know, they might distort the color of the mark on the road, which is very dangerous. Blue, doctors do not recommend selecting blue lenses, might be gloomy blue because people have a negative impact. Fashion designer is strongly recommended by your hair color to choose the color of the lens. Black hair brown or golden frame suitable to highlight the classic fashion. About the lens material, glass or plastic, glass, perhaps better light transmission properties, but also brittle. Lightweight plastic, not easily damaged. You can choose according to your needs.

Men retro sunglasses


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