A Guide To Winter Cycling Gloves

Besides being very cold during the winter time, your hands are locked in the same position when cycling in the cold and wind-chilled conditions. They are only stuck on the handles not doing much than shifting and breaking. It may reduce the circulation in your arms leading to freezing hands or in some conditions; you can get frostbite.

Waterproof Cycling GlovesA good pair of waterproof cycling gloves will make a difference between an awful bike ride and an excellent bike ride. The primary goal of getting mens cycling gloves is to protect you from the cold by keeping you warm. The gloves should have the ability to keep off chilling factors such as the rain and wind.

Waterproof Cycling GlovesWhat to look for


Considering the job they are meant for; winter gloves are designed with many layers of insulation and heavy waterproof fabrics. This at times may a little bit bulky which can restrict finger movement. The best cycling gloves should permit your finger mobility in such a way that you can change and shift gears. It demands that the gloves you choose be comfortable and flexible concerning finger movements.

Windproof Cycling GlovesFabrics

There are numerous fabrics available on the glove market. However, water-resistant coatings and windproof fabrics are now popular than ever due to their soft feel and low bulk. Although, gloves usually have higher reinforcements at specific points on the fingertips, palm and between the forefinger and thumb. It helps to protect these sensitive areas from the cold.

Windproof Cycling Gloves

Claws or fingers

This is a pretty much an easy decision to make. Well, for most of the part, it is. Although considering the cold winter conditions, you should opt to go for gloves with a claw design. The claw glove has a lobster design that pouches two sets of fingers on every hand. The idea is that the fingers can be able to share the warmth by being set together. This, in turn, protects fingers from losing heat. However, this design is less in dexterity. It becomes very problematic when shifting gears.

Windproof Cycling GlovesCuffs and overlap

When you love cycling, there is usually some debate on whether sleeves must overlap your cuffs or vice versa. This may at some point be never resolved, but nonetheless, when the cuffs overlap the sleeves it keeps off draught, and when the sleeves overlap the cuffs it prevents water from getting into the gloves. Whichever design you prefer, get a winter glove that has a decent cuff size that provides you with the opportunity to create overlaps.

Mens Cycling Gloves

It is adamant to maintain comfort when cycling in the winter conditions. Ensure you get a good pair of windproof cycling gloves that have enough insulation and breathability.


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