A Guide to Wear Tank Tops Fashionably

It’ hot summer now. In order to deal with the annoying heat of summer, no matter men or women are trying hard to wear less. Unlike women who have more choices to wear less , the only option for men is to wear tank tops. However if you wear a vest mistakenly, it may make you look like a mess. So in order to avoid this situation, today I want to share some tips about how to wear a tank top in summer, with my hope of wishing you a cool summer.

men tank top

1. About choosing

If you are taller and skinny, try to put emphasis on your height instead of your skinny body. Try to combine your men sports tank top with a pair of fitted jeans and a pair of sport shoes.

If your are muscled, you can try a looser tank top, which can not only show your muscled arms but also make you comfortable.

men tank top

2. About wearing

Jeans or Causal pants and tank tops

A plain or simple-pattern tank top may be a good option for someone who do not want show his calves. And you can combine your tank top with jeans pants or casual pants and a pair of casual loafers or a pair of comfortable sport shoes and add curren watches in your hand, which look fashionable and make you cool in the same time.

 Jeans or Causal pants and tank tops

Shorts and tank tops

It may be a cooler combination for men in summer, which can make you wear less so as to feel cool. And it is easy to make a fashion combination. Try to pick up a neutral-colored tank top and combine it with fit shorts, and you can easily create a street style of look with sunglasses and leather bracelet.

Shorts and tank tops




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