5 Stylish Jackets Men Should Have in 2018

A jacket is of great importance in any man’s wardrobe. Besides protecting you from rainy weather, icy air, wind or during rainy seasons, a cool jacket can complete your attire and showcase your identity. Choosing the right jacket to suit you can be much of a task since there is a wide range of variety in the market today ranging from the classics to the modern day types. Luckily, this article will make it easy to make a good and suitable choice for you. There are a few jackets like Denim jacket, hooded jacket, varsity jacket, leather jacket and a bomber jacket that are definitely worth investing in. It’s advisable to shop in a wholesale men clothing store because they will be cheaper, good quality and you will probably be offered a discount.

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  1. Denim jacket

The denim jacket is known for passing the test of time, and it is certainly one of the jackets that should be in a man’s wardrobe. They are versatile and durable. The more versatile jackets are the classic or the darker ones, so you should mind this. Their waist is trimmed off, and this makes your waist appear narrower. Matching this with a t-shirt or even a sweater like during the summer makes it look cool and stylish. In winter you could put it together with a sweater, trousers and boots.

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  1. Hooded jacket

Hooded jackets are available in a collection of styles. They are quite efficient for both preventing your hair or face from rain during winter and still look fashionably elegant while doing so. It’s important you pick the right hoodie that suits you. It could be of different materials: nylon design, cotton style or any other kind.

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  1. Varsity jacket

Apart from its versatility, a varsity jacket is loved by young-looking men for they blend between smart-casual and sportswear. There are many options that will get you more points in style without having to go to campus while adding a taste of college kind of cool to your wardrobe. A simple and clean version of this jacket can last for many years. Look for fabrics like pebbled leather or boiled wool. But if you are working on a low budget, you could look for darker colours like black, grey and navy which actually look more attractive.

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4.Leather jacket

A decent leather jacket adds more manliness to the wardrobe. If you do not have one, it would be better to go for one with fewer details. It’s all about looking cool without making much effort. Going for cheap or fake leather as it will look cheap and less attractive. This is one jacket that can last for decades,  so it’s worth an investment.

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  1. Bomber jacket

Well known for easy blending with menswear’s present preoccupation, a bomber jacket is one of the popular jackets. A black or navy jacket design will be best,  but it’s preferable to seek the premium fabrics or soft suede just to keep the look modern and classy. You could probably stay away from common fabrics like nylon or leather, and you will be assured to wear this all year round.

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You should undoubtedly consider investing in some if not all of these jackets to get the best out of your wardrobe. For more men fashion clothing, please check here.


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