5 Kinds of Men’s Essential Bags

Nowadays, there are few men dare to try on necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. Therefore, mens bags have become the first choice for men. For men, you should have at least five kinds of bags. Only in this way, can you achieve matching whatever you love easily!

No.1 Handbags

mens bags

Functions: Convenient usages and essential for cool men.

Features: Fashion, showing clothing’s characteristics and personalities and improving visual beauty sense of clothes matching.

Big handbag is fashion and the small one is elegant. Delicate and decent handbags, no matter the black one or the brown one, they can all make you look even fashionable and show out unique temperament if you match them appropriately.

mens bags mens bags mens bags

No.2 Travel Bag

mens bags

Functions: Necessity for short trip.

Features: Large enough rooms and filled with masculine dispositions.

mens bagsmens bags

Travel bags filled with vacation style are men’s favorite and one of the most practical daily necessities. The color can be lighter than the briefcases’ and the design must be simple and neat. Men don’t love these bags with too complicated pattern indeed, even travel bags. More than that, the material must be fine enough.

mens bags mens bags mens bags

No.3 Briefcases

mens leather briefcase

Functions: Essential for business usages and offices.

Features: mature and full of high-class taste.

Men should have a briefcase that suits their styles. If you are strong, you can choose theses large-sized briefcases. On the contrary, the small one will be your favor. If you are a little overweight, mens leather briefcase with vertical stripe pattern is your best choice to show gentlemen impression. Otherwise, I deem that the cross stripe one will be your favor.

mens leather briefcase

No.4 Backpacks

mens bags

Functions: Travelling and riding enthusiasts’ Essential

Features: Comfortable and free your hands.

Fashion backpacks are mainly used in casual and sporty occasions, particularly these canvas bags. They are very suitable for you to take with in informal occasions.

mens bags mens bags mens bags

mens bags

No.5 Tote bags

mens bags

Functions: Shopping necessity in leisure times

Features: Cool and large rooms

No matter the casual and comfortable one, or the divine and luxurious one, they are every man’s best companion. They can always accompany with you in working, traveling, dating, attending parties and so on.

mens bagsmens bags



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