4 Office Style Mistakes Men Should Avoid

Men, like any fashion conscious individuals, should avoid styling mistakes at all costs. And while most people think that it’s much easier dressing a man than a lady, it goes without saying that both parties require a little bit of effort. It even gets complex when it comes to the corporate look as the expectations keep rising from business to business. Besides, unlike the global assumptions about fashion shoes being one of the major mistakes in men’s office fashion choice, there is still much more to improve.

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The Athtrainers Confusion

Yes, it might have been okay to wear your training shoes to the office in the past, but that isn’t appealing anymore. Additionally, any shoes that have pulled you through a gym session should be out of the office. Instead, invest in work-worthy trainers that offer a neat formal look. Something leather, suede or canvas will do you some justice.

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The Suit Mix-up

Wearing the same uniform suit gets boring with time. While most men opt for switching the jacket with another trouser, it doesn’t guarantee a perfect look all the time. Since you won’t be wearing the trousers and the jacket at the same time, chances are either of the two will wear-out first than the other. Hence, try using a different material for your blazer and trouser (could be wool and unstructured). Something soft, wrinkle-free and fitting would be perfect.

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The Gym bag Menace

While it’s essential to carry your after-work gym wear to the office, it’s totally off-key if you find the backpack slugging over your shoulders. The massive pockets don’t look cool either, not even with your latest fashion shoes. If anything, get a backpack with a contemporary design. And this should include a premium material and cool colors ( the likes of black, brown or dark-blue). You can even double it up as a laptop bag as you use the extra layer to store your gym stuff.

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The Too Informal Appeal

Luxury designer wear might be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you turn your office into a runway lounge. Well, while you have to keep up with the modern fashion trends, an appropriate look is what most bosses expect from their employees. Therefore, you should work on balancing your look if you must wear something informal. For instance, you can dress the lower part of your body as informal, while the upper part remains formal with a fitting shirt.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re working in a casual-business office when it comes to a good fashion sense. Always aspire to be decent, and above all comfortable and confident. For more office wear, please check this page.


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