2015 Spring Men’s Hats Trends

Spring definitely hasn’t sprung and it is cold really. It is surely not enough for you to wear war coats that you used to dress in winter. What is your urgent need are these mens accessories! In order to give you enough warmness and help you show the chic and eye-catching looking, right hats will make you achieve that instantly and transform an outfit from dull to dapper. You can find that hats are going to be a huge trend moving forward. All fashion shows are all ready to make the leap from the catwalk to your head. At this time, I would like to show some simple but trendy hats that you can try on in this spring.

baseball cap

1. The Beanie

It is that beanie can be smart as well as street style snaps. To make it look refined, I suggest that neutral colors such as black, gray and navy blue will be your ideal choices. In this season, urban outfitters and American apparel have offered some nice options for you.

men beanie  men beanie men beanie men beaniemen beanie

2. The Bucket Hat

It is a kind of cute and lovely bag that is can be worn in not only summer but also winter now. If you want to try on this trend, casual staples including a simple shirt, bomber jacket, jeans and trainers combinations would be items for your ideal looking.

men bucket hat men bucket hat men bucket hat men bucket hat

3. The Baseball Cap

It is regarded as the essential of fashion young boys. When your hairstyle is not styled before you go outside, a cool baseball cap can surely survive you.

baseball cap  baseball cap baseball cap baseball cap baseball capbaseball cap baseball cap

4. The Wide-Brimmed Fedora

You all must know about fedoras. It is ubiquitous in our daily life. To try on a wide-brimmed version, I think that you will have more sense of gentlemen’s temperament.

wide-brimmed fedora wide-brimmed fedora wide-brimmed fedorawide-brimmed fedora

wide-brimmed fedora wide-brimmed fedora  wide-brimmed fedora

5. The Flat Cap

Flat hats are as useful and fashionable as baseball caps to some extent. To wear it with your favorite heavyweight blazer, a classic Oxford shirt, slim-cut chinos and pair of smart brogue boots makes you look really decent and charming.

flat cap

flat cap flat cap  flat capflat cap flat cap


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