Why Every Man Needs a Stylish and Functional RFID Wallet?

Every man should own a good wallet! Whether you think you need it or not, a good and high-quality wallet is a sleek and stylish accessory. There are very many wallet types and brands out there and if you are keen on getting a good high-quality wallet, you need to do a little bit of research. This will enable you to find a wallet that fits your needs and requirements.

mens trifold walletOver the last couple of years, men’ s wallets have not only become stylish, they have also become sophisticated and functional. More and more fashion houses have become responsive to these new demands especially with RFID blocking secure wallets. They will be explored in detail below.

RFID blocking walletThe type of wallet every man selects should reflect their unique sense of style. While some people will chalk off a wallet as simply a wallet and there is no overthinking when buying one, the stylish man thinks differently. Some will go for men’ s genuine wallets from the huge designer labels like Gucci, Givenchy and the list goes on and on. Others want a specialized and bespoke wallet engraved with whatever message they want. Some will go for a bi-fold wallet and some will go for mens trifold wallet.

RFID blocking wallet

So why RFID blocking wallets and how do they work?Today, credit cards, metro cards, and passports are embedded with RFID chips. These chips allow the user to tap a card scanner with running it through the machine. These chips contain personal information that is vulnerable to skimming by electronic pickpockets

Mens RFID Blocking WalletA RFID blocking wallet prevents RFID scanners from card skimmers from interrupting the magnetic fields from those chips. The waves from the scanner go around the wallet and your information doesn’t get skimmed.

RFID Blocking Short WalletYou might not need to buy a new wallet because Alpine Rivers provides 12 RFID protective sleeves for your cards. You can use them in your men’s genuine leather wallet. If you are in the need for a new wallet anyway, there are a variety of popular Mens RFID Blocking Wallet  in the market. The main wallets are Radix One Black Steel, Shark Rugged wallet, and the Flipside 3X wallet.

1.Radix One Steel

It is very popular on account of being the most pocket-friendly brand in the market today. In addition, it is compact but can accommodate up to 10 cards. It is sturdy and very high quality.

2. Shark Rugged

This wallet is not as compact as the Radix one but it is very rugged. It is very solidly constructed and offers complete RFID protection. Also, it is waterproof.

3. Flipside 3X

This aluminum and polycarbonate wallet is very strong and very spacy. The flip 3x is very secure and has a lock mechanism.Who said wallet safety means compromising on style? Get yourself a stylish RFID blocking wallet


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